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canadianplantMay 11, 2013

Im experimenting growing grapes. I am roughly zone 4, and so far have Himrod, Vanessa and Valiant planted in the ground. I seem to have a habit of making bad choices regarding hardiness.

Vanessa and Himrod are said to be amung the hardiest seedless grapes. They dont seem to be able to take winter unprotected, but survive below the snow. Im hoping to wrap them this winter to see how the respond.

The Valiant is said to be hardy to well below -30C and survived quite well. THis is its second year and Im hoping it will take off...

Now comes this year. I bought Niagra, which is said to be good for northern growers (but after further reading not as hardy as Himrod?).

I found Beta grapes. I dont think I will have to worry about this one.

And, the big problem. I bought, what the tag calls "Vitis "Flame". Upon further reading online, it seems to be "flame seedless". This is a vinifera grape, a complex cross it seems too. It seems to be hardy to zone 5, but I cant find any decent info on its hardiness. Being a vinifera, I would have to assume it isnt very hardy, and am going to have to baby it......

Any thoughts?

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Valiant will take much colder than -30C, maybe -40C. It grows like a weed and while most of the long spindly annual growth will die during winter, the main branches are quite hardy even unprotected in zone 3 most winters. It tastes like a Concord... a seedy Concord :) Makes absolutely wonderful jelly, good juice, but absolutely terrible wine (at least the stuff I made was awful.) Beta seems to be almost identical to Valiant, just less hardy and less vigorous, at least the ones I've seen.

There are some new hardy varieties of grapes being bred at the University of Saskatchewan but I don't think any cultivars have been released yet. Something to keep your eye on though. Can't comment on the other varieties you mention.

Valiant fruit cluster:

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Thanks Don...

It seems super hardy here. I just took a better look at the valiant and it has a good 10 buds.

Even better, my Himrod has buds a foot from the ground, and so does my Vanessa! These arent against a wall, and are on mesh exposed. Good thing we had a foot or more of snow this winter!

I should probably ask as well... The Himrod and Vanessa have are in their third year. They grew to about 3 feet last year, but didnt have too much vigor. Any tips to get these guys growing well?

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