how dry is too dry?

straw_dogJune 3, 2006


another broad, sweeping question ;-)

How dry is too dry? Here's some context; looking to avoid slump by staying as dry as possible. Using a mix that breaks down as cement:perlite:sand 1.7:4:1. Is there a rule of thumb for minimum water added in this or any cement mix? The piece will be kept nice and humid while curing.



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I use just enough water to be able to squeeze into a ball with no drips and then toss from hand to hand without the ball breaking or cracking.

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I'll try that, and see where it takes me. The last thing that I tried (hypertufa inside a plastic planter item) was dry enough to avoid slumping, but sure wound up with a lot of little voids.

I'll need to keep on fiddling around,



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Try tamping the stuff after you get it inside the mold and that should get rid of the voids for a smoother finish.I just put all my tufa in then using my hands to push it so it gets rid of any pockets of air.Hope I explained good enough but maybe someone else will add more or a better explanation.

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