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canadianplantMay 20, 2013

Last year, we got a months worth of rain within 6 hours, on top of that, we already were above the monthly rainfall by that point. My trees were young, the apple was in its second season, while the pear was planted a few weeks before that.

IT wasnt a cool wet spring, but it seems that week of gloomy weather caused some fungus to bloom on my apple and pear. The pear didnt grow too much (its root system was a bit too small) and it had patchy black leaves most of the year.

The apple did the same, but not as bad. It produced 3 apples, which stayed small, and ended up with some brown spots on them (again, bacteria or fungus ? ). It grew quite well dispite....

Anyways, it seems that this year is about the same, maybe not to the extreme of last year. Nothing has leafed out or flowerd, and the pear was trying to pop flower buds, but nothing is really growing.

Am I going to have to watch out for the same thing as last year? SHould I even worry if they arent leafed out?

I try not to use any harsh chemicals at all, but if there is a bit of fungus, I really dont have much of a choice. Would horticultural oil work? Ive read Neem of all sorts works well but have never used it for fungus.

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Oils will do nothing . Most people would just remove the tree and burn it .
You could try copper it will kill fungus. Bacteria you can mix a bleach solution and apply it to the infected areas and seal them up after . Besides this just make sure you don't transfer it to any other plants you have. I use a copper lime sulphur spray before dormancy and mid season. All my trees usually get a bacterial canker I dab it with bleach solution and seal it after . If your trees problem is in the roots just remove the trees .

Also how deep did you plant them ? And how wet is it down their?

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It was just an unusually wet rain. We got 130mm in 6 hours, on top of the 90mm we had already. Im in northern ontario, that that is almost 3 months worth of rain in 6 hours.

I get about 60 - 80 mm of rain a month during the growing season. We got 60mm over the last 3 days...

I planted the trees at the "nursery line" (the soil line they were grown in at the nursery). The soil isnt particularly fast draining, but neither is it water logged.

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Does planting an apple tree an inch or so deeper than the original soil line, increase it's odds of having a fungal problem later in life?

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