Temperature 26 F

marknmtMay 11, 2012

Clear and cold this morning, apple and plum blooming and pear trying to finish up.

Marknmt is not amused.

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alan haigh

Not good news at all. You can cut open pears in a couple days and see if they are brown in the center. The fruit in bloom may be able to take 26.

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Harvestman - my earlier pears aren't brown inside and they're growing, but they have a lot of external damage - cracks and frost rings. Do you think they'll be edible? Or should I get rid of them now?

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alan haigh

It, I have no idea- this is my first experience in 23 years of fruit growing in the northeast with this kind of frost damage. I've never had frost rings and didn't get them this year.

This is, by far, my worst fruit year ever. Nearby neighbors in spots usually as cold didn't suffer my damage. My wife thinks it's vodoo, my son suspects Karma and I ask "why can't it be both?".

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I can't tell what's going on yet, but first appearances is that almost nothing has changed. Many blossoms still look fine, although a few on the pear are dark in the center.

Much of the apple has yet to bloom, and the blooms that are there seem happy enough. Similarly on the plum.

Best case scenario? I might not have to thin much. Worst case? I don't want to think about it.

So it goes. At least I didn't quit my day job ...

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Um, yeah, it was 26 here two weeks ago this upcoming Sunday morning. Results are NOT pretty. I found one peach and one pear growing so far, and a handful of sour cherries. I haven't found a viable apple yet.

One thing I wonder -- my shellbark hickory that was badly hit on the lower limbs is considerably greener with far less damage high in the canopy -- overall height at this age is about 1 1/2 times the height of the utility poles. I am curious to see if some fruit was spared on the highest limbs of standard apple and pear trees? They aren't nearly as tall as this hickory, but perhaps there is a little hope.

I am still going to spray this weekend, just in case ....

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