Triazicide now or waste of time?

Dan.NYMay 9, 2014

I will visit my orchard this weekend and was planning to do first fungus spray and wondered 1) If this is a good idea now and 2) Should I tank mix triazicide with it now?

I will not be able to visit the orchard again until memorial day weekend and I am fearing that will be late to spray for insects and such. I realize or think its early to spray but due to timing thought it better. This is my question.

My location is central NY, finger lakes region, just out of the zone 6 that reaches up into NY. I am a good zone 5b. I mention all this as I currently do not know the state of bloom and such there and think this will help to determine what I should do. I do know dandelions are NOT out there yet and suspect all fruit blossoms are not out yet either.

Suggestions?? Thanks.

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First question is what fruits you're growing there. Most important question is the state of bloom.

If apples, they probably do need a fungicide application at this time for scab.

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alan haigh

No, you will have to wait. Trees will be about ready to bloom, I think. The fungicide is fine.

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I have apples, pears, peaches. WIll spray Rampart actually as I have it and its rated for all these. Have been using it some and its worked out OK. I just need to get on it more often Ithink. I guess I figured it was early for insecticide but hoped someone would say its not. Hope memorial day weekend is OK. blah. Is it time to retire to my orchard yet??? Thanks for info.

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