apple leaf damage with pics - what is it?

oldryderMay 28, 2012

see pics. overall threes seem healthy with most leaves unaffected. what cause and what corrective action?

thx in advance for any help.

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alan haigh

Looks like 2 separate issues- caterpillar damage and some kind of leaf scorch either from freeze damage or phytotoxic reaction to oil or something else.

Pictures are always a bit difficult for me- I'm used to diagnosing with the tree in front of me.

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harvestman, thx for reply. I'll hit the trees with BT again.. other than BT I haven't sprayed yet this year so not sure what other damage might be except maybe freeze damage as suggested. will spray with "once and done" in about 2 days when we're supposed to have a couple of rain free days.

as always thx for your invaluable advice. not getting much fruit anyway this year due to untimely cold weather.

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alan haigh

Once and d. will stick through quite a bit of rain- at least an inch and probably more if it's got an hour or 2 to set.

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potassium deficienty...quit sure its not a pest damage, maybe the last one only show pest damage.

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interesting. I'll get the soil tested again. Prior to planting 4 years ago I had the soil tested and it was actually above normal for potassium. thx. for suggestion.

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