Fruiting vs ornamental pear

MiaOKCMay 10, 2012

Hello all. I'm trying to solve a mystery in my backyard. We moved in back in December, and the seller told us "oh, you will love the pear tree. The fruits are so delicious!" There are three pear trees in the yard (two on our side of the fence and one neighbor's hanging over the fence). I think one or two may be ornamental not fruiting, but how do I tell? All three have fruit, but I understand Bradford pears can have small marble sized hard fruits. I've been watching to try and figure when to thin. Two bloomed (smelly!) and fruited earlier, the other bloomed later (also kind of smelly, but taller tree so I couldn't tell how stinky). The earlier bloomers have larger fruits now, of course. What are the ways to ID? Don't want to miss my thinning chance. Also appear to have rust, but am trying to avoid heavy duty sprays.

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Those a fruiting pears, all right, and the small amount of leaf spotting compared to overall leaf color looks great. I often snip off spotted leaves when mucking about in the trees. The most effective thinning time has passed, though you could thin to two fruits per cluster now anyway. Pears are suprisingly tough, low-care fruit trees that you will likely come to love.

Nurseries usually stick close to Extension recommendations, so you can probably narrow down what you have by comparing fruit characteristics to those listed for best pears for OK. I kinda think that's a Moonglow, total guess.

Here is a link that might be useful: pears of oklahoma

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I've only ever seen one pear tree where rust actually affected the fruits. If your photo is indicative of the level of damage on your tree - there's no way *I* would be bothering with a spray.

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