A Beginner's First Time To Show Their Work

retired302July 6, 2012

I found out about hypertufa from the internet about two years ago. After reading everything I could find, including ALL the Garden Web posts, I decided I would try making a piece or two. I quickly became hooked!!! I want to thank everyone for taking the time to post your ideas, helpful suggestions and pictures on this site. Everyone is always supportive and encouraging so I finally feel comfortable showing some of my work...If I can get the pictures downloaded!!!

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billie_ann(6b PA)

From the pictures, it looks like you've really gotten the hang of it. It is fun, isn't it?

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Wow.. what great items you've made. I've only done a few leaf items. It was fun, but haven't tried it again.

This is a large rhubarb leaf:

This is a morning glory leaf:

After looking at what you have done maybe I'll try again doing containers of some kind.

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Thanks Pashta for the posting. Your leaves gave me the push I needed to try some myself. I'll try to attach some pictures of the leaf castings and some new planters I've made. What recipe do you use for your leaves. I've tried equal parts of sand and portland cement as well as two parts sand to one part portland. I can't tell much difference. The part that is hard for me is to get the thickness uniform for the whole leaf. Any suggestions?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

This is great! I am an avid wine grape and fig grower. Would love to make hypertufta copies of those leaves, maybe coat them with something, and serve fresh figs on the fig leave platters, and table grapes on the wine grape leaf platters.

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