Plum trees leaves have holes after spraying

Jerseymec(6b)May 6, 2013

Something seems to be eating at my plum leaves. Does anyone know what could have caused it? Is it an insect or does it have some disease? Is there any spray I could use?

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alan haigh


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andrew_swmo(6 SW MO)

harvestman, would you please elaborate more? I would like to know what is causing the holes. Is it captan or are you suggesting captan as a cure? Thank you.

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Captan is a fungicide, so you are correct to ask for clarification.

Your tree looks healthy to me, but you may have used some fertilizer high in N. This makes leaves/plants more inviting to sucking and chomping bugs. It wouldn't hurt to go out at night with a flashlight and see if you can spot your leaf munchers, but otherwise I wouldn't spray because of a few holes.

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Just guessing with "shot hole disease"?

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Yes you are right its happening over night. Some insect is eating it the same night I spray it with a homemade fruit tree spray I found on the internet. Does anyone have experience with this?

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I spray early morning as the instructs suggest on the site.

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alan haigh

Sorry, I was saying that some plum varieties get shot holes as a result of Captan application if my memory is serving me correctly. It was just a shot in the dark on my part and I should have mentioned that such tiny wounds are of no consequence unless they become much more prevalent.

My response was made while I was very tired and I apolagize for any confusion I created.

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Hi. My plum trees have a lot of small holes as well, but much worse than yours. I haven't been able to find whatever is eating them in the act, but have sprayed several times with both neem oil and spinosad. Both helped a lot as long as I was on top of it, but neither has managed to work long term. Perhaps nothing does as we humans have been creating super bugs all over the planet. I think I'll go out and see if I can find anything besides slugs and snails this evening. Anyway, I doubt your damage is from aphids or trips as they both cause the leaves to curl, and that doesn't seem to be the case with yours. I'd rule out caterpillers as well because they don't mind the light of day. Personally, I'd be reluctant to use something as toxic as Captan, but perhaps you feel differently.

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