Ladder with adjustable legs for picking fruit?

garedneckMay 7, 2013

I try to keep my trees so i never need a ladder to pick fruit, but it would be handy to have and could be used around the house and yard. I have heard of 3 leg ladders (more stable) , but since the ground around the trees tends to be sloped it would be nice to have at least one adjustable leg on a 3 leg ladder.

What do you recommend? I am looking for maybe an 8 foot ladder.

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alan haigh

I've used both and others I know who have prefer the Little Giant type adjustable ladder over the traditional tri-pod orchard ladder. My first employee had used the tri-pod for 10 years for pruning a commercial orchard and switched when I introduced him to the alternative.

Only wish they had a level of independent adjustability for each leg for especially irregular terrain- I use flat rocks for that but rarely need to.

I prune on all kinds of sites and am using a ladder every working day over 6 months of the year pruning fruit trees- it's like a pair of shoes for me. That said- it is, nevertheless, only one man's opinion. You will be surprised how controversal this subject is.

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Don't use any ladders to pick up fruit it does not wo0rth it. All my trees are dwarf. One accident and you are out of business. It happened to people I know.

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Dwarf's are ideal, but for the 25' orange tree on the vacant lot behind me I use a Fiskars telescopic tree saw with anvil lopper. Just clip the stems above fruit and let your wife/kids play catch

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alan haigh

Cars are dangerous also, as are chain saws. Some folks like growing trees more than bushes for a variety of reasons, some practical and some, maybe not.

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megamav(5a - NY)

These work great, its called the twister fruit picker.
It attaches to a screw on fiberglass, adjustable painting pole.

No need to get on a ladder, and you can reach about 18 feet up, depending upon the pole of course.

Here is a link that might be useful: Twister Fruit Picker on Amazon

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I made 18 inch steel sleeves that fit over the legs of my tripod.I drilled 2 hole in each ladder leg and holes in each sleeve. I have 2 pins in each leg to secure the sleeves after adjustment. There is 8 inches of adjustment and at a minimum 10 inches of sleeve on the leg. If you do not have the tools to make this any welding shop could build the sleeves for you.

It is some messing around if you have to adjust with every ladder move.

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Thanks for the advice. I see on ebay i can buy an Adjustable LegExtension Ladder Leveler for $99 that will fit any ladder leg as an add on. I was told to look in paint stores for adjustable ladders legs which i may try tomorrow.

Bruce, i think i am going to try your approach that way the ladder will work on any terrain. Looks like i can get an 8 foot tripod via Lowes for $200 and make the sleeves.

Now if i can just manufacture a rated ladder like Bruces', get it to also scare away birds and squirrels, then i can make a living in the fruit business!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I'm like HVM..grew up on ladders.
If your'e afraid of bees,.. don't get any.
If you're afraid of ladders,..don't step on any.

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alan haigh

Thanks Gardneck, that looks to be made by Little Giant themselves.

I don't know why someone would run with the tripod when it is so limited. Stays at the same height and you can only climb up it on one side. You don't need to reposition a LG type as often as you prune through trees because you can work from both sides of the ladder widening your range significantly. Also if you need more height you can use it as a straight ladder.

I've seen knock-offs of the ladder good enough height for semi-dwarf trees for around 100 bucks.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation of the LG ladder and its benefits. Nothing like advice from those doing it everyday for a living!

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