What is going on with my apples?? Brown rot??

silent88May 4, 2014

Hi everyone, It seems every day I come to 5-6 new apples affected by this weird brown rot. I have not had it before but this is only the 3rd or 4th year I have had this tree. We had some really windy and then hot and dry weather so it seems odd any fungus would begin growing at that time? Anyone know what this is? I want at least a few apples to harvest this year but at this rate they'll all get this disease... They aren't pecked or damaged in any way so idk how they are getting infected.

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It doesn't appear to go any deeper than the skin.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I agree, it turned too hot suddenly and the apple couldn't adjust. Provide some 40-50% shade cloth if possible.

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Thanks guys that's exactly what it is, after researching it. The weather is cooling down and will actually be cloudy the next few days, supposedly, so I think I will be fine. The tree had too many apples anyways it is probably good that some got "pruned" off. I should purchase some 40-50% shade cloth for the future though since I don't have any on hand. California weather seems to love going from extreme to extreme. Where can I buy it? Is it common? Thanks!

It's funny, I was excited for the heat because I thought it would stop any powdery mildew that may want to ruin my grapes, but instead it ruined 1/4 my apple crop!

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My tree says thanks! I'll know how to protect it next time (;

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I believe it is bitter rot, looks like the V-shaped pattern is forming where the damage appears.

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