Spray cherry trees same as apples?

oldryderMay 17, 2013

year 5 for apples. Year 3 for cherry.

COngratulations are in order. I am finally going to have a lot of fruit off my apple and cherry trees. Last year was a total loss due to frost but this year I can see lots and lots of flowers forming.

So .. A couple of years ago I determined that a pre bloom spray of Immunox followed by 2 sprays of Triazicide was very effective in controlling pests on my apples. (so far, at least.)

Before this year I never had an appreciable amount of cherry to worry about.

So question is can I spray cherry trees same as apples and have no detrimental effects and a reasonable chance of pest control. (they look like they'll be blooming within a few days of each other)

As always thx in advance for any help.

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I use the same spray combo for my all my fruit trees. Immunox, triaz. and captan. After that closer to fall Monterey fungi fighter. This seems to work for me. Mrs. G

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I spray Immunox and Triazicide mixed, too. So far, it's worked well without the help of Captan.

If I have more problem with rot on cherries this year, I may consider a rot prevention spray.

I attached Harvestman's and Olpea's advice on spraying on another post for you here. It's helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit tree spray

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