Please ID this fruit

olympia_gardener(5)May 31, 2012

This is growing on my 3 in 1 Asia pear tree from Miller. It does not look like a Asia pear to me. Can anyone here tell me what type of pear this is? It has red tone in the skin, more like european pear.Thanks.

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Looks Euro at this stage - but not all 'Asian' pears are round.
But, scionwood mix-ups do occur, and it's possible that a European variety was accidentally grafted on.

Or the 'framework' may be a European variety, chosen for its branching habit, and this is just a branch of that 'base' tree, and not the additional grafted-on varieties - may actually have a 4-in-1.
I'm not exactly sure how they build those multi-variety trees for commercial sale - I have multi-variety trees in my orchard, but they originated as 'foster homes' for scions that I got when I didn't have individual rootstocks available, so the 'Keiffer' tree now has 8 or 10 additional selections growing in it on various branches.

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Lucky, I agree. The Asian pear is round as far as I know. The color should be pale yellow or brown not red. This is on one of the grafted branch. I am wondering I was sent a wrong type of tree?? I just planted this tree last year so it is first time I saw its fruit.

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I've grown 'Ya Li' which is a pyriform Asian pear, not round as most are. Even though the shape is pyriform, even at a young age they just look "different" - skin is a brighter green and glossy. Hard to verbalize or explain, but easy to see in the orchard with a little experience.

In the photo, the pear I see screams "European" to me, and so do the leaves, they are the more pointed, less rounded, leaves of P. communis, not the somewhat more rounded leaves of P. pyrifolia or P. bretschneideri (Ya Li and other pyriform Asian pears).

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At least you got an edible pear out of it. I sent off for two seckle pear trees and ended up with a couple of Bradfords instead. LOL

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Could very easily be a Bartlett- but there are others with that classic shape. Not uncommon for Bartletts to have some red on them. You could do worse!

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Thanks guys for cheering me up. I hope it is YaLi. I like YaLi's aroma and juicy crispy texture. But, I really doubt it is Yali.

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