Blake's Pride, Potomac, Shenandoah pears

bhawkins(8A Dallas)May 21, 2013

Anybody grow these? How do they taste? How precocious are they?


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Can't help much because my Blake's Pride just went in last year. I can tell you that it's not as precocious as Harrow Sweet which was planted at the same time. HS has already set fruit from me. BP did not flower this year.

I planted BP because I want to make sure HS has something to cross pollinate with (turned out no need because I have 4 Asian pears). BP is supposed to be disease resistant pear that tastes good. Both trees have pear blister mites. BP has more.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

Thanks Mamuang. Searching the web I can find people who've tried the Canadian Harrow releases, and the Purdue releases; but nothing on these 3.

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I think I fell for it after reading Schlaback's description
"Medium to large golden fruit. Smooth buttery texture with excellent flavor and aroma. Tree is moderately vigorous. Blight resistance."

It's late season (early Sept) pear. Release in 1998.

I hope I don't have to wait 8-10 yrs to find out!!!

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I have only personally tasted a crisp underripe Shenandoah. It was definitely higher acid than normal for a pear so for once the descriptions were accurate! I liked it--had character.

That being said, I believe none of these pears are grown for extraordinary flavor but rather for good/slightly above average flavor with great growability. I actually grafted over my Blake's Pride before even getting a chance to taste its fruit. In my opinion, growing just a good tasting pear is going to taste about the same as a store bought pear... as opposed to say peaches or apricots for which home grown will always be so much better. So I'd consider growing the best flavored pear varieties that will be much better than store bought but that can also do decently in your area. Magness/Warren, Seckel, Harrow Sweet, and Fondante de Moulins-Lille are so far some of the highest reviewed pears that should do well wherever Blake's Pride, etc. do well. I've tasted Magness and Seckel (small fruit) and both are much better than good--they're excellent.

I think Moonglow is another in similar spirit as the ones you mentioned. Great growability, good flavor.

I'm not sure if you need low chill pears for Dallas, but there are a few well reviewed pear varieties for the South as well if the discussed ones are all borderline for you... the Biscamp pear and the Southern Bartlett.

Hope that helps.

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