self fertile apricot for NYC or other choice?

queensinfoMay 29, 2014

Since i lost my lapins cherry, i have room for one more tree. would a self fertile apricot (if there is one) fruit well in NYC? It will be kept in a container and can be moved into my garage if necessary. If not an apricot would a plum work? should i replace the cherry? My other cherry looks like half the tree survived. Looking for something "easier" that will fruit so the kids can pick (i already have rasps, blackberries, strawbs, blueberries, a black gold cherry, and a fig)

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Following this ;)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Tomcot would likely be your best bet for an apricot. It's listed as partially self fertile. I think that's the case for quite a few apricots.

Have you considered one of those new bush cherries out of Canada? I haven't fruited mine yet but it would seem great for a pot and hardy to -40F. There are 6 varieties I've seen that vary in sugar and tartness. Mine is Carmine Jewel, best for pies.

The other varieties I've read about are Cupid, Romeo, Crimson Passion, Juliet, and Valentine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carmine Jewel

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I don't know about them but will look into it. Sweetness would be high on my list for the cherries as i am not into making pies.

Molex. what are you growing?

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alan haigh

When I lived in CA it was assumed apricots were entirely self fertile and I had a tree that was, but when I tried growing them in the NE I noticed that at sites with two varieties, cropping seemed much more consistent. There was no info in the literature that suggested they performed differently here at that time but now they are considered only partially self fertile here.

You should consider a peach if you only have room for one tree. Order a Desiree from Adam's right now for delivery in fall or next spring and I think you might get fruit from it in about 3 years without spray where you are. Unless the squirrels take it.

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I have the usual: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries a few figs, a doughnut peach and an Asian plum, that may or may not hold onto its fruit this year.

I don't bother with apples although I'd like to get a pear in the fall or spring. Someone brought some Pluots and Apriums into the restaurant the other day. man were those a treat. No idea on the variety, they came from her families orchard in central CA.

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thanks for the recomendations. i will look into the peach and the bush cherry. Is one of hte bush cherries (that is easily available) known for being sweeter than the others?

molex - what type of figs?

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i have what they call Flatbush white and Flatbush dark. They are very local variety that does very well here in Brooklyn. I also have a chicago hardy and another unnamed white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flatbushfigfarm

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i will look into those. If you are pruning at all, i would love some cuttings, especially the hardy chicago (you can email me through my page, i think it is enabled). I have an atreano that was planted about a month ago. This morning all the figlets were on the ground. not sure if storms, squirrels, or birds. guess i need to net it once the main crop comes in.

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Hello! I too have heard the call of apricots so I got a Stark Sweetheart on 2012. It grew great, pushing out 7 feet of growth last year (I didn't summer prune). In early April, I cut it back by half and unwittingly cut off all the blooms. They did look good in a vase for a week. The tree began to push, and now look at it. What happened? P.S. It's been cold and rainy.

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