Getting Alkaline out of Hypertufa planter

alyceskis(CT)July 5, 2014

This is my very first hypertufa project. I covered a styrofoam head that has an opening on the top to put a plant. It has been curing in a plastic bag (misting daily). After 28 days of curing, I want to plant a succulent to make tje head look like it has long hair. It was suppose to be a male head but looks like an Alien so the long succulent plant will work.

I've read about the alkaline in hypertufa has to be neutralized by weathering in rain from Fall to Spring. I can't wait that long. Is there a short cut to leeching the alkaline out of the small area where the plant will go? I read 3 parts water 1 part vinegar soaked overnight then plant??? I just want to make certain this will work. Thanks and it's okay to laugh at my first attempt with hypertufa. He's also a brown nosing Alien :-)

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like you i was told it would take some time for the alkalinity to leach out as I want to grow some acid loving rhododendrons which are specific on the whole to what ph they require....but a lot of plants don't require such a low ph. Get a soil ph tester and see what it is it does not cost much in the shops and you may not even need to do anything

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billie_ann(6b PA)

Plant it right now. As long as the roots aren't in contact with the hypertufa the potting soil will insulate the roots and the lime will leach out as you water.

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luvmymoss(z5 OH)

I love your alien head. He looks like the main character in Avatar. I don't think you will have any problems with alkalinity. Give him some garden hose showers 3 times in a day, mist with a touch of vinegar ( I use just a few tsps in a cup of water in a misting bottle). Just mist that inside planting hole and rinse. You are good to go. He will be awesome. What plant can you use to make him with a headdress like Avatar? Can't remember the character name. He had a long braid. Donkey tail?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hypertufa Gardener

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Mike Larkin

I have many things planted in hypertufa container . Conifers, sedum, lots of suculents , japanese maples, herbs...... Some planted in same container for many years. Never had any problems. I agree with Billie -
After it has cured , hose it down one more time then plant it. Mike

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The amount of acid/alkalinity in hypertufa is negligible. There is lime in the Portland and acid in the peat moss, each of which are diluted by the mixture. There is not enough of either to have an adverse effect on anything planted in hypertufa. Don't worry; go ahead and plant to your heart's content!

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