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goudreauMay 28, 2013


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First time using surround yesterday and we had a few obstacles. First is the mixing ratio. We found online we need 3 cups surround per gallon. I have a 4gallon back pack sprayer I got from Johnny's seeds, jacto hd 400.
We attempted to mix it in the backpack sprayer and the little container kept getting clogged. After a little frustration we only got about 6 cups in ( half of the recommended amount). It seemed to be really white. I sprayed a few trees with this amount. Is this amount enough for the first application or do I need to do another round today with the more concentrated ratio?
Suggestions on how to mix the surround in the water, I'm thinking of prefixing it and then putting it in the sprayer, would this be okay?
The trees I did do look partially white, some more than others.
Thanks for your help!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have not found it hard to get into solution. I add it to my backpack and shake it all up. Fill the backpack maybe 1/3 then agitate like crazy, tilt to one side then the other etc until its all in solution. Then fill up the rest still shaking it.

I would put another coat down, its good to put a big initial base down in any case. Also aim more at the fruits, covering the leaves is not the goal. Spray from the best angle to get fruits. It takes some practice to get a good spray technique.

I did pretty well this spring with Surround, the curc is pretty much done and I did not lose significant yield on anything. I am getting stinkbug damage on the peaches so I am going to keep Surround coverage on them for much of the summer. If not for stinkbugs I stop the Surround around now, when the peaches are nickel/dime sized.


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I should try scots technique.... but I do it a bit different and also have no problems.
tank 1/3 full clean water, bucket with surround and 1/3 of the water...stirred into slurry.
add to tank and then rinse bucket for last 1/3.

shake (backpack) and shake a bit while working.

I have never ahd cloggin issues, but was having some trouble just yesterday...but I think that is a bad back pressure valve in the pump.

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