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windfall_rob(vt4)May 30, 2013

I posted this last year and didn't get much feedback. Hoping someone with a mature tree can chime in:

I have a KIngston Black tree that must be close to ten years old now.
Every year it breaks dormancy very late....weeks after the other apples. It is slow to bloom and rather low in vigor, but does seem to get up and going by mid summer.

The tree has yet to crop for me.I get a few off it the last 3 years, and this year it set a pretty good bloom, but everything else is done (and always is). So I need to either find another late blooming pollinator...or give up on this tree/rework it/tear it out , ect....

I am trying to figure out if this is normal for the variety...I know several of the english cider apples are late to break my browns apple...but this is really really late. Every year I think it must have died and then it finally pushes the buds.

Or is this indicative of an ongoing and significant stress? The tree is in a marginal location for wet feet, and I have read that root rot can cause symptoms similar....and it did have some borers a few years ago, but has healed up well since then with no further attack...or at least none that were allowed to go very far.

by mid summer the tree looks happy and healthy and normal....

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I have a Kingston Black tree that was planted bare root last spring. It also leafed out very slowly this spring. Significantly slower than the three apples trees next to it - Enterprise, Rubinette and Winter Banana.

Maybe just a behavior of the variety?

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