Muscadine in Virginia winter hardy maybe.

NOVA_fruit(7a_VA)May 14, 2013

Hi all,

First off, I wanna thanks all your posts. They have been very helpful. After I found this forum I have added 21+ tree/vine/bush and I am quite broke. And still lots more to add.

I planted 6 muscadines last fall and added 2 more this April.
Here is my muscadine report:

Fall purchase Fall 2012:
Pam: Healthy,very vigorous, no winter die back.
Black beauty: healthy, virgorous, 6" die back from the tip.
Early fry: healthy, 1' die back from the tip.
late fry: died to the ground but coming back
Supreme: looked sicked, Not vigorous, 1' die back from the tip.
Ison: seems completely dead or so it seems, but I'll leave it in there to see.

Spring purchase 2013:
Triumph: healthy with flower clusters
Nesbitt: vigorous with flower clusters

If I had to do it again. I woud buy them in the spring. I thoughts the report from scottfsmith was very helpful. Hope this help.

If anyone is growing Muscadine in this area can you share your thoughts? I tasted muscadine for the 1st time last fall and I love it.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I bought some last fall as well and my Supreme didn't even make it through the winter. It may be the particular plants as much as the variety, I'm assuming we both got them from Isons. All the others are really taking off this year.


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I was freaking out and emailed you scott. You calmed my nerve a bit. Thanks

I got the fall purchase from Ison Nursury and the spring purchase from bottoms nursery. The ones from Bottom nursery were thicker with 3x the roots. Both were great and helpful.

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austransplant(MD 7)

My Supreme from Isons died back to the roots, but is sending up new growth.

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