4 weeks of protection?

franktank232(z5 WI)May 10, 2012

The bottle of permethrin (its older/Bug B Gone) says it gives 4 weeks of protection on the cover. Is this even possible? I'm 2 weeks out from spraying and so far, no damage that I can tell on the plums or apricots. The unsprayed apples got hit good (PC) as did one sweet cherry (probably picked off 50 cherries that were hit). The peaches look fine, but PC have never hit the peaches hard in my yard. We've had almost 3 inches of rain since I sprayed.

I'd love to go as long as possible between sprays, but I think I'm pushing my luck. Anyone else ever figure how long you can go between sprays before damage starts to occur?

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Frank, since I cannot use 'commercial orchard' sprays I already know that the versions of immunox and triazicide are probably diluted. We too have had close to three inches of rain in the past two weeks. After it clears today around 1pm. I'll spray again. Better safe than sorry. Mrs. g

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alan haigh

Nothing gives 4 weeks protection (unless you've got an old batch of DDT). The commercial permethrin products make no such claim. 10-14 days is the limit between sprays to insure protection IMO.

I don't know how often you will need to spray with the rain factored in but that's probably enough to render last spray ineffective after about a week.

Immunox is rain-fast and not affected by precip.

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Thanks H-man. Will spray today for sure. Mrs. g

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I figured it was just a marketing gimmick. I'm pushing 2 weeks and all is good, so I'll put any spray on tonite. I may switch back to "Once and Done" this time around, but not sure yet...i know they are both pyrethroids.

DDT really gave that long of coverage? No wonder its still found in almost everyone's bodies!

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alan haigh

DDT was a one spray for the whole season deal as I understand it. When I started my business the main adviser from Cornell, Warren Styles, lamented the "midguided" government action of taking it off the market. Made commercial production much easier but the man was crazy in my book.

Mrs. G, I suspect two sprays will cover your needs, or maybe 3, for the whole season as far as insect control.

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"Once and Done" certainly implies all-season protection from a single spray.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Yes it does... Maybe we can sue them when our whole crop is full of plum curculio larvae? Didn't think so :)

I know something I read recently...i think it was some work they were doing on deep sea creatures, that they were finding DDT inside of them, although my guess in some parts of the world that chemical is probably still be used? Who knows...but anytime a chemical hangs around enough to accumulate 1000's of feet below the ocean, you might want to think of another approach to your insect problem.

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They find DDT (and related breakdown products) throughouth arctic ice cores and can date when use started by when it appears. SomI have done research was related to DDT, DDE, and DDD in atmospheric samples in MI and it was still in the air there (likely coming from central and south america where it was still used and vaporization from the ground of an old orchard at one of the sites). The half life can be very long and it is very environmentally persistent, which is what led to some of the concerns with wildlife, etc.

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Frank you make me laugh out loud! I'm with you on the dark chocolate! Mrs. G

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