Already time to spray for brown rot?

ltiltonMay 15, 2012

Growth is so accelerated here that I'm thinking stone fruits normally ripe in July will be ready in June. Which means brown rot. I'm thinking of spraying for it already, while I'm still spraying for curculio, mixing propiconazole with triazicide.

What a weird year.

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Itilton, I'm with you on that question. Everything tree in my orchard is three weeks to a month early (still behind almost everyone else in this forum). Is it time for Monterey Fungi Fighter again?

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alan haigh

For me, brown rot control begins a month before varieties are expected to ripen- down here that won't be until July as earliest ripening varieties usually don't get rot. If they have in the past I spray them with the same time table relative to time they ripen so apricots (actually to protect susceptible varieties from scab) and earliest peaches might get spray towards end of June, or a bit earlier this year.

This is based on using a sterol inhibitor like Monterey Fungus Fighter (not Immunox which I don't believe is as affective against BR).

Some sites, some varieties, some seasons, a single spray
does the trick, even if I consolidate sprays to a single one on earlier and later varieties. Only experimentation will reveal how little you can get away with on your site with your varieties, but MFF has good kick-back, so you can probably rescue a crop when it starts to show signs of rot.

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Apricots are indeed my immediate concern, as well as cherries.

Is MFF effective against scab? I sprayed Captan earlier.

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alan haigh

I believe it is but I don't use it so you have to check the label, although apricot scab may not be that common of a problem as not many grow them in the humid regions.

Indar which is a different SI, that I use, is affective against stone fruit scab.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I don't think MFF works on peach scab, at some point I found a table of effectiveness for peach scab and it was a zero. Sulphur actually works pretty well on it, an organic spray with a bit of power for a change. Indar was good in this table. I looked for the table but don't remember where I saw it and could not find it.


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iirc, you're supposed to spray early for peach scab, so I'll pretend the Captan application will be effective.

I'm like MrsG - I have so very few apricots coming that I guard each one with ferocity.

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alan haigh

Bummer, Indar has gotten way too expensive for the homeowner. Maybe chlorathalinol is the answer for you. Last I checked, Home Depot still had it for homeowners.

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alan haigh

Funny how this table shows sulphur only in combination with synthetics and doesn't list it as a stand-alone fungicide.

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