Final Sculpting Mix Going On...

tango88(z8TX)August 13, 2006

Howdy Group --- Here are a few pix of the bench I'm working on that were taken today. I am applying the final layer which is a modified neat cement paste. No aggregate or sand. It is mixed very dry ( about 17% water to cement by weight) and sculpts detail almost as well as modeling clay. Very tricky to work as it changes "phases" differently than concrete or mortar and absolutely must not be allowed to dehydrate as you sculpt it.

Anyway, here is view of the front edge of one of the three armrests. Will have to flip it over to do the "top"...

..and here is one of the "mortised" joints where the back appears to fit through the leg/back support...

...and, finally, the other joint on the same end of the bench.

Still a lot of work to do but I will try to keep posting as I go. The full group of images will be on as part of an upcoming tutorial on designing & fabricating larger pieces like this.

Time for bed. Gotta' get up early before it hits 98 again. All My Best --- Tango

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Tango Amazing detail.... Great Job!!!

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buckyforce(10 So. Fla.)

Brava Tango!!

I am enjoying the progress you are making - thank you for sharing the pictures and information.

I am interested in the "modified neat cement paste" you mention. Just portland and water? Or did you add bonding agent? Thanks!


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Thanks Guys --- Did the other end today but no time to load any pix yet.

Amanda --- the basic neat cement paste formula is on my website under the "Mix Menu". It is a little tricky to mix and very demanding to cure but worth the effort. I'm putting together a full tutorial just on working with this mixture as it requires a very different approach to pull off successfully. Take a look. All My Best --- Tango

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dian2(z6 pgh pa)

amazing. Absolutely amazing

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Great work Tango, can I have your web page address??

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Awesome job. I really like how this coat is going on.I am also intrigued by the mix, will have to play with it some time.I always enjoy seeing your work.

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I'm new here so someone please tell me...that's not really concrete is it? I make all kinds of stuff out of crete and if you havn't figured out by my name I love the stufff...but what I see in the pics is like totally different from any concrete i have ever seen, let alone worked with. And I have always been told that neat cement will fall apart, but it looks like this guy knows what hes talking about. Any comments?
Thanx TKOC

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ltd123(6A southern Ind)

TKOC - this guy (Tango) more than knows what he is talking about! His work is terrific. Go check out to learn more about faux bois.

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Hey Laura, thanx a bunch. I got to find out more about this and will take a look.

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Hey Laura. Thanx again. That site is prety awsome. My head hurts from trying to take it all in! I've never seen so much about concrete and cement in my life. I just might have to change my name after looking that over, but can't wait to try some of the mixtures he has on there. TKOC

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