Bare Root Peach Tree Fertilizing

OmniMay 23, 2012

Hello everyone. I once again ask for your help.

I will be planting my bare root peach tree tomorrow and I have some questions regarding fertilizing.

Whenever I water my vegetables, I give them about 2-gallons of water every other day (it accounts to 1" of water per week). In the beginning of the week, I use two tablespoons of Miracle Gro 10-10-10 in the 2 gallons of water and just pour it in each vegetable bed.

I was wondering if I can do the same with my peach tree. Instead of giving it a pound of fertilizer all at once (or whatever is recommended), I was wondering if I can just give it 2-3 table spoons in 2 gallons of water once per week, and give it about 6 gallons of additional water spread throughout the week.

Would this be enough? Also, I am aware that I need to let the bareroot settle in the ground for about 10 days before fertilizing it.

Thank you!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


That sounds like too frequent watering for peach. Once or twice a week at most. Also I don't fertilize until the tree starts to grow. It can't even take up fertilizer until it gets leaves and starts using water.

Fruit trees in general are much more sensitive to wet soil than vegetables. So don't over water a tree that isn't even using water, until it grows leaves.

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When I plant my bare root peach tree, I usually mix some 10-10-10 into the soil, the bottom portion of the soil (or throw in a stick of Lobe's). Then cover thin layer of soil before put the tree root down. The fertilizer does not have direct contact with the bare root. When the new roots grow out, it can reach into the area where the 10-10-10 at.

Fruitnut, What do you recommend to do with trees planted in this time of year? I mean, most trees are in full growing already, it is kinda late in season. Fertilizer should have been applied back in Feb. or March.

Should newly planted later tree be fertilizered at all? How often and what is the latest time of year a peaches tree can still be fertilizered without fear the danger of branches are too tender to withstand the winter cold temperature in the north?

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Thanks for your help!
What I usually check for when watering is the moisture of the soil. If its nice and dark and wet, I don't water. The summers are pretty hot here, so I need to give it water, or else the ground will be really dry.
But would 2 tablespoons of miracle gro in two gallons of water once a week after it gets some leaves (after one month of planting?) Be okay for it? I'll just water it once or twice a week, or as needed in the beginning, as per your suggestion.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd never suggest fertilizer in the planting hole. It's going to get some people into trouble and isn't necessary. Olympia proves it can be done but it's not a general plan.

I'm all for fertilizer and lots of water on crops that benefit like sweetcorn. And if not way overdone will aid early growth of fruit trees. But too much water and fertilizer are your enemy after trees begin to bear. It leads to excess vigor and poor quality fruit.

In zone 5 I'd not fertilize after June, zone 6 none after July. Although some fertilizer can be applied in fall before leaf drop without issues in many cases.

Two Tablespoons per gallon once a month would be more like my style on young trees. But I'd dilute it more before application or with more water after application.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Veggie growers kill a lot of fruit trees with too much love. I have the opposite problem, I grow few veggies and often forget to fertilize the veggies enough. The philosophies are very different. I give newly planted trees a hefty top dressing of compost and mulch plus a handful of 4-4-4 or similar. Then thats it for the rest of the year unless it gets really dry. We had a very unusual dry early spring this year so I watered new trees a couple times then, but in the last month I have not watered at all. As the season progresses the trees will take more and more stress -- if its dry at planting time keep on the water, but by the end of the summer they have enough roots that they can take a moderate dry spell on their own.


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