apple trees - did I learn something important?

oldryderMay 21, 2012

looking for comments or advice on the following:

planted 50 bare root apple trees spring 2009. No blossoms 2010 and 2011, a few this year mostly killed by cold. trees were mulched with wood chips from the beginning and mulch was refreshed annually. I did transplant a few of these 3 year old trees this year and they were not root bound.

started adding urea last year based on advice here on foruum which has helped growth a lot.

Last spring planted 5 trees along the outside edge of pond dike. Knew it might be too wet.

One of the 5 trees on the dike (NW Greening Semi D) has done far better than any other tree I;ve ever planted. Lots of blossoms this year with subsequent apple buds (is that the right term?). This tree was in a spot that was much wetter than the others on the dike and all the rest of my trees; wet enough I thought it might die.

the performance of this tree has me asking myself if all my trees are short of water.

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It could be, but sometimes you just get a really strong vigorous tree.
Don't you wish they all could be like that!

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alan haigh

Might be too wet?. If you take a ball of soil in your hands squeeze and water comes out like a sponge- too wet. If it feels quite moist but you can't squeeze out water, it's probably right for optimum tree growth. There is a point way before trees wilt when growth slows and the right balance of air and water is usually the most important factor in tree vigor.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

You did not mention if the trees were dwarf, semidwark or standard. Standard trees can take several years to bloom.

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the vast majority are demi-D, only a few are dwarf. none are on std rootstock. seems like I should have had abundant flowers this year with trees experiencing their 4th spring.

based on harvestmans post I'll do a little digging and check moisture content in the primary orchard area.

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