garlic spray experience/recipe?

windfall_rob(vt4)May 21, 2012

We over planted in garlic last year and now even after giving away lots have 20-30 bulbs left. They are nearing the end of useful storage life. I hate waste and keep the gardens and orchards organically.....

I hear lots of talk about garlic spray in these areas, but a lot of it sounds like snake-oil, people claiming it does everything.

Anyone know of studies or have personal experience to relate on its use and effectiveness?

Specific pests or disease it appear useful against?

Are there hazards or drawbacks to it's use/experimnetation?

Recipes or dilution rates?


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have gotten somewhat cynical of all the claims about neem, garlic, EM, compost tea sprays etc. Overall I do think they can do some good but the benefits are weak so its very difficult to get significant results. If its otherwise going to waste you may as well spray it on, foliar feeding is always a good idea. This year I am doing regular foliar feeding with fish and seaweed fertilizer, basically including some in every spray I do. Molasses is another good foliar feeder.


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Same as Scott...if there is a benefit, its going to be weak. I'm trying Neem oil (100% Neem) this year for the first time.

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When I have end-of-the-road garlic, I throw it on the deer paths to get their attention.

I do have a story. Years ago, when the garlic barrier product was first out, I was hosting a small wedding reception in my back yard in Huntsville, AL. The house was on a river, and the evening mosquitoes could be ferocious. I sprayed the yard -- shrubs, grass, trees -- with garlic spray for 3 days before the event, and we had no mosquitoes, at least for one night. Just sayin.

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If you spray the vampire movie DVDs, they probably will not work.

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