Blueberries traumatized by freezes after fruit set

blueberrier1May 1, 2012

A few varieties of my highbush BBs have hundreds of berries but very little leaf cover. We have not had a tornado-though it seems we did. Have never seen this before and am thinking of pruning the bushes severely and stripping off any remaining berries. A few varieties have leaf tip burn.

Has anyone had a similar response this year or ever? The grapes leaves were all burned off by the freeze, but they are now regrowing. No evidence that the BBs are doing the same.

The bushes that tolerated the brunt of the southwest freezing winds are among the least affected. None of these were covered with anything.

Suggestions? Your experience?

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Time enough passed to see replacement leafing. Removed all berries from the barren branches, so anticipate recovery of entire bush. Applied some 'Lex KY standardbred OMRI compost-so am hoping for bountiful crop next year! Will check with univ research farm to learn if they had similar issues.

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Some of my bushes are still flowering, and have not fully leafed out, not worried, it has been a very weird spring.

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I lost green berries to a (36f according to weather man) freeze in April, that killed the leaves on all my grape vine.
My early tomatoes & sweet peppers were not hurt at all.
Grape vines are flush now & bb look great,too.

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