Currant and ?

camdensmomMay 5, 2013

Hi gardeners. A newb needs some help here. My hubby and and bought a home last year and inherited a LOT of stuff and I'm sure this won't be the first time I need to come on here for help. Anyways, before the previous owners left at the end of last summer, I saw a plant on the edge of the veggie garden with red berries on it. She said it was currants. So, now that spring is here I have been cleaning up a lot of stuff and now that this little bush is growing leaves Im noticing that it is actually two different plants with completely different leaves. The one with the three lobed leaves is for sure a currant because all the currants I've seen online have the three lobed leaved, but what is this other one with single lobed leaves? The leaves make it look more like a blueberry bush or something, but its not very big and it is coming out of the ground literally inches from the place where the currant is coming out. Can anyone ID it for me?

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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

Not a blueberry. Looks like an apple. Are the leaves somewhat fuzzy on the underside?

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Nope. The leaves are not fuzzy. And there aren't any blossoms on it either. All of my apple trees are already full of blossoms. And this plant is really short, like the currant. Maybe 2 feet tall, if that. I'm wondering if it is some other sort of berry?

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Those stems look like some sort of cherry or plum. The leaves don't match anything in my yard and I grow just about everything.

There are all sorts of bush cherries. Some are really wild plums whereas others are crosses between small plums and wild cherries. Some of them stay small like a currant but most are bigger than a blueberry. You'll probably have to wait til it blooms and fruits to know for sure.

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Bush cherries...interesting! I can't wait to see what blooms on it! :)

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All of the bush cherries I grow bloom way early, they're in fruit now.

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camdensmom blossoms here :(

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