Our first rabbiteyes of 2013!

sun-junkie(9)May 7, 2013

Our first ripe blueberries for 2013...

Climax variety, my favorite. Early season, commercial variety, tends to ripen all at once. Berries cluster towards the cane ends for mechanical harvesting.

Brightwell is looking good too, can't wait for June!

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Nice!Blueboy wrote that he likes Brightwell the best.What are the biggest differences between the two? Thanks,Brady

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I've got one of each. Both varieties are excellent!

Brightwell requires ~100 fewer chill hours than Climax. BlueBoy is south of me so they're likely better suited for his location. They also have a longer ripening season than Climax. Brightwell grows more vigorously and upright, while Climax produces fewer canes annually and has a sprawling shape.

I get a huge crop over a short period early in the season from Climax. (Engineered for commercial production). Then I get a prolonged harvest from the Brightwell. Fresh berries daily for 4-6 weeks. I guess that's why the "pick-your-own" farms love them.

Can't go wrong with either, I highly recommend both!

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Here in Madison, our blueberry shrubs are just beginning to leaf out. No flowers, yet. I have seen a few bees around the yard-we have wild violets in bloom right now, and also creeping charlie. Thanks for posting the great photos.

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Looking good Sunjunkie! No Rabbiteyes are coloring up for me yet. After this springs taste testing of various SHB I'm really considering getting rid of most my Rabbiteyes. The only one I have that is good is brightwell. Woodard and Beckyblue haven't impressed me at all. They may change my mind this season but if not, there gone. I'm fruiting 3 new (new for me) Rabbiteyes. Hopefully one will be a keeper to pair up with Brightwell for pollination. I haven't had a bad SHB berry yet out of my yard but some are better than others. You need to get a sweet crisp and pot it up in one of those 25 gallon drums. It really is out standing!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation


My Brightwells have been blooming for about 2 weeks here. My Delites are blooming with them, too, which I wasn't sure about before this year. I may get to taste a few this season! They are still pretty new in my yard.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

None of my rabbits are coloring yet either.

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Climax has a very early ripening season. As said, they're engineered for mechanical harvesting so it tends to happen all at once. I expect most will be ready soon if we have rain for the next few days followed by some good sun.

Brightwell is full of fruit too but also has blossoms. Bumbles are still working hard. Honeybees have moved on.

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