I Challenge Thee to make--PICS

paws4petsAugust 15, 2005

I have a confession to make. I have been so busy with "real" work and my Stepping stones/Dogs/Life all I got done was half of my armature for my caterpillar. I so SORRY. My plans had to take a backseat.

Now for all who did finish their's post them on this thread. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

I will finish mine when time permits.

If you can't post pics send them to me and I will post on this thread.


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Hi Paws
Hey dude I'm sorry this didn't work out very well.
I was going to enter a ladybug but thought my participation would just make things worse.
I was looking forward to seeing a few critters myself.
When will your caterpiller be done?
My ladybug has a body and legs. That was the easy part.
She needs the final 'neat' Portland finish.
I don't use paint so the color has to be in the crete itself. The black I can do but the orange is proving more difficult. I have high hopes for a neat recipe heavy on iron filings but I haven't tried it yet.
Today I'm going to grind up some very rust prone metal and give it a try.

If not I'll go with a red instead of the orange.

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I was making a turtle and got so busy making concrete planters, rocks, benches and table-tops and now people are ordering them for their landscapes...... short story shorter, the turtle has a head and shell, maybe I will find time to finish it. Guess I can post a picture of the stone (not hypertufa). it is 3" thick and white sitting on an un-polished bench-top. One of these days I will have the turtle finished.

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Seems like everyone got busy which is a good thing.

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