When will my strawberries sprout?

JadaMariaMay 31, 2012

I planted 10 Quinault strawberry roots/tubers on May 21st. How long will it take them to sprout? Will they sprout from the center stick thingy or around it? How many should I expect from the 10 I planted? I've never grown strawberries before and I'm super excited about them. My neighbors must think I'm nuts...I'm out there everyday staring at the ground! lol I'm afraid to pull out anything (weeds) for fear it might be the strawberries. All I can find online are pics of the fully sprouted 3 leaves or teeny weeny little sprout which I think are from seeds. Help!!

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I'm assuming you planted bare-root dormant strawberry plants, which are getting hard to find by May 21. Long, stringy brownish roots with the center stick thingy?

That's called the crown, and that's where the new leaves should start to grow, if all is well. Instructions should have said to plant the crown at the level of the soil, not bury it or leave any roots exposed below it. If you did this, and watered them, new leaves should be showing within another week, or all is not well.

If you buried the crown below the ground, and that's why you can't find anything coming up, all is not well.

If all is well, you'll get a strawberry plant for each crown you planted. It will sent up blossom stalks, and you should pinch off the first ones so the plant will become stronger. Quinault is an everbearing strawberry, so you can get a fall crop from it later.

It will also start to grow long stems of runners that will root into new strawberry plants that may or may not mature in time time bear a fall crop of berries.

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I ended up burying then JUST too deep. 3 out of the 4 ended up popping up 2 or 3 weeks later. The one that didnt pop up was too deep (assuming). They start small too IMO, or im not doing something right LOL.

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Thank you for all the info! How small do they start? I followed the directions on the package. Though the tip of the stick thingy (crown) is sticking out a little...is that too shallow? When I opened the package I was shocked to see a ball of roots and was thinking what the heck is this? lol I stuck them in like the picture showed. I thought something sprouted yesterday just to be totally bummed out to see today that it was morning glory's. :\ So I pulled it out. Morning Glory's pop up everywhere in my yard. They are beautiful, but always pop up where they shouldn't be like under my rose bushes and in my flower beds. Grow Strawberries grow!! :)

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If just the top of the stick is sticking out, you may have planted too deep. I had a hard time telling where the planting line was to try and plant at the same depth. The sticks on my roots were 2 to 4 inches long. I planted to just above where all the roots come together into almost a knot. New leaves started showing up probably 10 days later right from the base of the stick.
Hope that helps and good luck...

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Strawberries are really pretty resiliant and forgive a lot of errors.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

I agree with ltilton, give them some more time nd see what happens. You are most likely not going to get much production from them this year if any. But, even if only a few make it, they wil grow runners and multiply like crazy, just position the runners where you want then and use a Bobbie pin or the like to hold them in place until they root. Focus on good vegetative growth this season, then next year you should have berries galore.

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