Blackberry Blooms

Fred_1933(7b)May 3, 2013

Been months since I have posted here. Here's my question(s). I put out last spring..2012 five varieties of blackberries...Triple Crown..3 plants, Navaho...3 plants, Apache..3 plants, Natchez...3 plants, Quachita...3 plants.
I had good luck last summer for these plants growing when it was 113 degrees for about three weeks. I watered just about every day for couple hours. The Triple Crown's grew about 8 feet canes.
Over this past winter I think I may have lost two of the Triple Crowns, as they show no leaving this spring.
All the other varieties show no sign they will bloom. Here it nis May 3rd, and I don't think they will bloom this year due to the unusual weather we are having here in southeast Kansas.

Could it be they will bloom later when it get warmer?

Also, I have a garden some 400 feet from the house with a chain link fence around it. Two years ago a thorn blackberry plant came up in one side of the garden fence. The bird(s) must have drop a seed and it came up. It weathered the 113 degree hot sun all summer with no watering. I just it is grow, and it has plenty "buds" for blooming. It did produce fruit last summer, but, they were small due to the hot and shortage of rainy weather.

Any comments are welcome.

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This is my first over-wintering of triple crown but mine have only partially leafed out while several of my other varieties (e.g. Kiowa, Prime Ark 45, etc.) have already fully leafed out and are almost ready to bloom. I did have one TC cane that died and it was noticeably lighter (weight wise) and brittle. If your canes are still green, they probably are OK.

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Fred, I have all those varieties. I planted the Arkansas varieties last year. This year, all of mine are covered in flowers and flower buds. The Kiowa, Ouachita, and Arapaho have open flowers. The Navaho and Apache buds haven't opened yet, but should any day now.

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My TC's are the last to bloom/leaf out of all my varieties. They are just now starting to wake up. Where my Chesters, Prime ark, Chickasaw and Boysens are all in almost full swing.

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This is my second year is blackberry growing, and I'm been reading trying to get some facts. The plants I have now (planted last year) have good foliage on all except the Triple Crown. These are the floricanes that will bloom and produce berries...Hopeful that is. Question: When will the new growth...Primocanes start to appear?

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I am in the same boat as you. second year plants that are about to flower. I am just beginning to see a primocane or two poking out of the soil. not sure if that helps but maybe we need to be a little more patience and give it a few more weeks.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Hi guys. We're in zone 8. All my berries were planted in August or September of last year.

Apache's have lots of growth and berries. (They blossomed about two weeks ago). This was one of the last variety I planted last mid September I think.

Navajo's have no berries or blossoms, but lots and lots of growth.

Arapaho is similar. Lots of berries or even blossoms as of yet.

Ouachita has blossoms or berries. This was the last one planted last September and is still a small plant.

I stepped on my little triple crown and killed no report on this one.

Hope that helps. I think queenskitchen nailed it. A little more patience. They should start producing soon.

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Triple Crown is slow to get started in all phases of growth plus the fruit is considered late-season.

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