Wood chip mulch in strawberry bed....

regaldozer(6A)May 22, 2007

I have newly planted (this spring) strawberry beds. both junebear and everbear. Plants are all looking healthy and growing. I plan on pinching flowers from the Junebears and letting the everbear do its thing (my 3 yr old wants strawberrys.....) My landscaper gave me a load of wood chips that I am using as mulch for my veggies. I currently have a light layer of hay in the strawberrys. Can I use the wood chips? It will certainly help with weeds but I am not sure how the runners will do on the junebears?

also, how thick a layer?


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crabjoe(z7 MD)

My strawberries grow right through the wood mulch and the mulch keeps the weeds out!

I was shocked that the stawberries would spread but they do very well in mulch. They not only grow, but will throwout runners that just push through the mulch to keep spreading.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Ditto - I mulch my strawberries with wood mulch every spring. At the same time I fertilize with holly-tone. Make sure the mulch is well-aged (all dark colored through) or you may have under-composted mulch which will suck the nitrogen out of your soil.


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the wood chips are brand new. In fact, they were a living tree 2 weeks ago.....should I not use it?

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

Although I agree with Scott that wood chips can pull nitrogen from the soil, I don't agree with him that it will happen when used as mulch on top of the soil.

From my understanding, nitrogen is used to break down wood and it sucks it in from soil if it's berried, but now when sitting on top. shreaded mulch purchased from stores isn't broken down. Most cheap wood mulch is just shipping crates that have been through a wood chipper and some dye added to give it color; which is what I use.

My suggestion to you is to just use what you have and not worry.

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