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treenutt(8)May 10, 2014

up close pic of one fruit. there was only about a dozen fruit this year on each tree. both trees have the same problem. along with red barron peach. my two methley plum kicked butt, and so did my uneducated buy at a local home depot, harvester peach. both are packed full of fruit. the plum tree looks like a grape tree. To many to pick off, so I shake the tree. seems to work. treenutt

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The cracking is from too much water. Possibly aggravated by being too dry before the excess water.

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last weekend was the first time I watered this year. ive been trying to water less this year with fruit on the tree. Someone on here recommended less watering is better for sweeter fruit. but got 5 inches of water between thurs-fri. I love all the rain we can get, but heck. No nectarines this year.

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fruinut, by the way thanks for the reply

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