Mica powders, lime wash, raw egg, and cheese curds

tufaenoughAugust 17, 2005

I just had an interesting exchange of emails with a young artist from Spain regarding concrete recipes and Faux Bois. His great uncle was a Faux Bois master and work for wealthy folk around Valencia.

Those are just a few of the ingredients in his Faux Bois recipes. Some of his recipes ran 15-20 different ingredients including a special very fine dark brown dirt from a location he never revealed.

Some were used so sparingly in the recipes they were measured on his small finger nail.

He promised to send me a few pictures of his uncles work and a few translated to english recipes.

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O-o-oh! Those were ingredients...I have to say that I was getting a bit green thinking of all those things mixed together.

Mica powders, hmmm. I've used them on polymer clay, but never thought of them for tufa.

Raw egg and cheese curds? Can't wait to hear how these items were incorporated and what they did to enhance the crete/tufa.

Very cool.

My sister is currently living in Spain on Rota Naval Station. I'll have to have her keep an eye out for interesting concrete sculptures.


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It appears that these might not be recipes for Faux Bois concrete additives but more likely home made paint/wood finish recipes.
His uncle also carved and painted large wood picture frames.

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