No Apples

galagala(5)May 30, 2012

Just wondering how everyone fared with the CRAZY spring!! I guess the "Hot & Cold" weather in March and April did my trees in. I have about 8 varities and about 200 trees and I don't believe I can find 20 apples!!! Can't believe I have to wait another year to try again! Maybe I should try growing "Livestock".Hope youall made out better. "Peace"


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I have found ONE apple on my trees, and 3 or 4 peaches. Not a single pear or plum. Of all things, sour cherry seemed to fare best, my mature Balaton has at least 2 dozen cherries on it. Living large, I tell ya.

On the flip side, I guess without the need to put energy into developing fruit, they have gone crazy with the vegetative growth. Lush and beautiful looking, very very healthy foliage.

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I live in massachusetts on Cape Cod and my 20 trees got pollinated by some very busy bumble bees. I enjoyed just watching them work so hard for me. It seemed a little cool for honeybees to be out and about. My neighbor down the street has some columnar apple trees in pots and hers did not get pollinated. I told her maybe she just didn't have enough flowers to attract the bumbles this year.

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Or maybe not enough leaf litter laying around. Bumblebees, too, need shelter besides food. They also need food past the spring, so if you have a nice summer flowerbed and a pile of leaves somewhere you win.

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I have waited four years for a decent amount of apples and this is the summer! My Pristine apple has over 60 apples on it. My Enterprise only has one! And my Jonagold has 10. Not bad. My apricot 'Harglow' is my biggest disappointment. Had 50 nickel sized cots and all but ten have fallen off. My Italian plum is holding onto at least 30 plums. Peach tree has 30 peaches, and the sour cherry has over 100 cherries. That is my season so far. The trees are netted and three baby squirrels and many birds are eyeing my fruit! The apples are bagged, not netted. Fingers crossed!

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

My baby Cortland tree had a dozen fruit buds. Of those, only about a dozen flowers opened. Of those, there are growing only 4 apples on the whole tree. Cold weather no doubt destroyed most of them. Oh well. At least I know it's going into bearing for future years and should be much improved then.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I planted all but one of my apples last spring or this year, so I can't expect too much- about 25 bagged apples total, spread across 7 potentially bearing trees (of my 24 apple trees). I've got 5-8 apples per tree on Goldrush, Priscilla, William's Pride, and Ecos Red (the one tree from 2010). I've got another 1 apple each on Winecrisp, Liberty, and Roxbury Russet (the last two planted this spring). All except a few backups are bagged, though the thunderstorm knocked down 3 bags last night. The Sweet 16, which was among the largest of my trees, only bloomed on 1 branch and none of them set.

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mcckkey(MI zone 5)

I think I counted about three apples yesterday while spraying immunox fungicide on my 2-3 year old trees.That's pretty pathetic considering all the work it took this spring to installed eight foot cedar posts and five wire electric fence to keep the deer out.I'm glad I don't do this for a living. ;)

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freedom was a whip no branches at all liberty had 4 or 5 branches. sprayed with bonide fruit tree spray but small leaves look bad or eaten, brown tips on leaves. miller said to spray with seven which i did, no change. any help would be appreciated thank you joejan

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The apricot flowered during the 80* days and had lots of bees visit. The peaches and necterine bloomed next but it was 40* and rainy. Had days where it snowed and nights down to 26*. I figured they were all goners. The apples bloomed later but only had a couple flowers - the trees are young.
Walked out one afternoon to spray and realized that some of those blossoms set fruit! I won't have to thin the peaches and necterine but I should get a fair amount from them. The apricots didn't make it tho. (always a gamble anyway here)

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My Asian pears totally wiped out. My Bartlett I had a hard time finding any, but maybe a handful are there. Apples - Liberty has a great crop, one or two Mutsu, one or two Empire, one red delicious, 10 or so honey crisp, Golden Delicious many. Last I looked (week ago) it still had some open blossoms.

Reliance peaches had a strong setting of fruit on two trees. I had to thin last weekend. Looking good, despite peach leaf curl.

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LOL -- I had a crop already. ONE goumi. One total, on two bushes. Not fully ripe, but red enough. I ate it. It was great! Welcome to the new normal on the great frontier of the 21st Century.

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I have so few apples on the trees this year that I resorted
to bagging them the other day in ziplock bags. With 17 trees, I just normally spray them. I did spray for scab/curculio up to now but not enough apples to warrant
using the Imidan anymore.

Red Delicious.....1 apple
McIntosh..........13 apples
Northern Spy......Zero
unknown gold......Zero
Haralson..........1 apple

The rest of my apples are too young to bear. I won't be making applesauce this year!

I just netted the North Star cherry last night. It has a light crop but I am happy for anything I can get this year.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Had a bad cloud go through two days in a row. High winds the first day with small hail then quarter size hail and up the second day. Banana plants took the worst beating.

Here in South GA apples are doing just fine but the peaches and the cherries just did not have enough chill hours.

Jonagold is loaded for the first time

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In the Pacific Northwest the past two years (2010 and 2011) had wet and cool Spring days with the result that the Italian prune plums in particular just didn't show their usual fruitfulness.

This year, we had a much better Spring and many of the fruit trees are doing much better.

I have this silver lining idea behind the clouds of non-fruitfulness: when there aren't many fruits, for those who usually are NOT diligent in pest protection, it could be a good year to reduce or eliminate your pests with some methods that aren't usually so effective.....i.e., it could be a good pest management year.

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