rain-rain-rain then shot hole

john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)May 10, 2014

3 weeks ago 4" 2 weeks ago 9" last night 4". All my fruit trees are doing good all but the plums. shot hole is killing me. I use a very aggressive spray program witch normally keeps every thing in check this year the rain is winning. I normally spray every 14 days. The apples look ok but I am scared of car. What I am wondering can I spray the plums after the heavy rain to control the shot hole. And if so how often is too often. It rains a lot where I live. Most sprays say to spray more if wet weather. I live 30 min from Mobile AL. witch is one of the wettest towns in the nation. Need advice on spray program. Like I said peaches,apples,pears,persimions,citrus,ju jube,paw-paw,and figs all look ok only plums look sad.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

There is not much you can do after shuck split. Both copper and myclobutanil should not be used later in the season. One thing you can do now is prune the trees to be less dense, that will help them dry out faster. Then just after the leaves fall this fall hit them with copper, and again in spring just before buds pop.


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