Infected Tree

Ms.TiaMariaMay 5, 2012

I'm sorry if this is a repeat post. I'm having trouble submitting my message and I'm a bit computer stupid. Anyway:

My baby apricot tree is sick. The 1 inch green fruits have indented brown fuzzy spots on them, the branches have gaping cankers, and the bark has dust (mold?) all over it. What do I do? The information that I have found on the internet says to prune out infected branches but they ALL have cankers! I would have to prune it all down to a stub. Also it is right next to my fig and cherry trees. Their branches touch each other. Will they become infected too?

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Here are some pictures. I am hoping someone will be able to identify the problem. Help please!

Here is a link that might be useful: Infected fruit and cankered branches

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