pruning apple ?

john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)May 7, 2013

This is my yellow delicious.The limbs seem to be getting to long.All the blooms come out on the very ends of the limbs.It is making apples but should I cut it back to shorter limbs?I know it looks like I should take some of the limbs out just not sure which one not real good at all this.Some suggestions sure would be nice.I will really appreciate all help.Thanks.

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You should prune pretty much every year and ideally you should prune in late winter when the try is still dormant.

There are lots of instructional videos around explaining how. I like the Stark Bros. videos for a quick explanation if you don't know where to start googling.

The quick version is this....

Apples need a central leader type pruning so they look like a classic ball shaped bunch of branches above the trunk with a main strong branch in the center. (compared with pears and other trees that have a vase shape)

In general, on a young tree, you want to trim back 1/4 of the last years growth near a bud with a 45 degree cut.

In general, on a young tree, you also want to space the branches about 6 inches or so from each other to keep them spaced properly.

You might be a bit late in the year to do pruning, but like I said, you should make it an annual part of your tree care.

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