not sure if my cherry tree is dead

christine1126May 23, 2013

hi... i purchased 2 cherry bing trees from a nursery and 1 is alive and has bloomed and leafed but the other has lost all its leaves. It was actually doing much better then my other tree at one point but then it spiraled down hill very fast. I tested to see if it has any green stuff under the bark and it does . I just planted the 5/6 year old tree this past april 4th. Now it is completly bare. Nothing at all on it question is will it come back and grow this summer or next year or is it dead for good???? please help me

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

What rootstock? what type of soil do you have? How often is the tree watered? It may be helpful to some of the experienced posters.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

A tree that does that isn't likely to recover. But unless you have a replacement to plant there at this late date, you might as well give it more time.

The other question is why did this happen. The first thing that comes to mind is poor drainage or too much watering. But as Goyo stated more info would help if that is of concern.

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i used composed mixed with top soil... in april we did have a whole lot of rain and in the spot where that tree was it was very wet ,,, you can actually see the water still there after it rained. it still grew well ofter all that rain . then when it stopped raining you could see all the leaves turning yellow and also some were turning brown and dieing untill allll the leaves were completely dead

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do you guys think i should plant another cherry tree there and kinda keep the one that doesnt look well in a big pot just to see what happens

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It sounds like your drainage is inadequate. You'd do better building a raised bed. In general cherries need really good drainage. Some of the new rootstocks are supposed to tolerate wet soil better than Mazzard and some other older roots.

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Mine are on Gisela 5 from Raintree Nursery. These rootstocks seem to tolerate water well. However, my soil in that area drains well. Water disappears in less than 1/2 hr. after rain stops.

My weeping cherry tree died in an area of the yard that water does not drain well. Cherry does not like wet feet (most fruit trees don't)

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

Im with Fruitnut, if you really want a cherry tree you will have to either find a spot where there is good drainage or build a raised bed to avoid wet feet.

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ok sounds good thanks so much

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If you bought them from Willis nursery probably it is dead.

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It looks as if I have at least 50% of the fruit just drying up on the tree. About 20% of the rest have insect marks.

I read that I should pick out all the mummified and affected fruit but there are so many, I think I would rather remove the tree.

I purchased in about 5 years ago.

On a positive note, since it is a Rainier Cherry and the ripe cherries are mostly yellow with only some red, will that trick the critters into believing that they are not ripe yet and they might leave some for me? (-:

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