cherry tree wilting... why?

irinkayogaMay 25, 2013

Hello all! had this beautiful cherry tree (dwarf sour cherry) for 8+ years - this spring it wouldn't leaf out or bloom; then with one month delay some of the flowers showed up, but most buds wilted. What can be the cause and can I help it?
Thank you! picture is attached.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The most likely cause is winter injury. This damages the water conduction tissues and the tree withers up and usually dies. It could also be from unusually wet weather that damages or kills the roots.

In either of those cases there is nothing you can do to help now. In the long run or for another tree improve drainage if that is the issue. For instance plant on a raised bed.

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I just planted a crimson passion sour cherry and it looks the same! Would this be root injury? Planted it about 2 weeks ago! There are a few leves on the tips that look ok. It had flowers when I bought it. They fell off and lots of leaves wilted and fell off. Advise please!

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thank you fruitnut! yes drainage is a big issue - it's in Poconos mountains, mostly stones and clay. and after-hurricane winter was really snowy too. thank you for your reply!

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wndr1mn, see a previous message on this forum - "Is there any remedial treatment for transplant shock?" - think for newly planted trees sometimes it takes time to adjust - given you provided enough space for its rootball/roots are not damaged. Where you bought it? some places are better than others when caring for trees - I like Lowes and Home Depot/ Wall Mart/K-Mart trees have harder time in my garden :)

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