Anyone besides me annoyed by...

buckyforce(10 So. Fla.)August 15, 2005

The subtle advertising links that are added to our posts? I can appreciate that we have this forum to post our ideas and creations, and that it is "free" due to the fact that abundant advertising is sold to cover the cost. However, the top and sides of each page is covered with advertisements for subject-appropriate web sites, which I frequent as much as the next guy, and value the fact that if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have this site to exchange information. However, it is really necessary for the powers that be to attach hyperlinks to key words in our posts??

I'm a sport, but come on! I feel so barraged by advertising at every turn in my life, I would like to think that although we appreciate that advertising keeps this site viable, the intrusion of additional advertising on our posts is a bit excessive.

In case you haven't noticed, please look at the "Long Thin Bead" post. There is a link to the word "yard" and another to the word "gloves." Both for commercial sites, in addition to key words in other posts that went before.

Enough already! (Did I miss something? Namely the warning that these links were going to be added to our posts? If so, I apologize. But I still don't like them.)


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Anyone know what the difference is if you pay to be a member.
I understand the popups stop, but is that the only benefit?

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Check out this link for help in disabling the underlined words. There are different methods for IE and Mozilla users. Scroll down the page to find the one for you. Not sure if contributing members get this or not, I think everyone does.

Here is a link that might be useful: underlined

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jazzbone(7 AL)

I have raised 4 kids. It has gotten easy to ignore peripheral distractions. Its the gigantic drop-down from the top banner that annoys me. Nonetheless, It won't keep me from "meeting" with you guys.

Enough already! Hear! Hear!

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mudwitch(lewis co. Wa.z8)

Oh, yes... definately an annoyance. I will not explain why I do not see the underlined words, "they" might figure a way to get through. But, my annoyance is that a participant may get booted off the forum for writing the hours of their open house, or for another advertisement of their choice, while strange ads get incorporated into our message. If they boot those off, ANY ads should be booted off this site. as per web site policy !!!

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How did you ever figure a way to ignore peripheral distractions. I only have two kids, and sometimes I feel as though I'm going crazy and my daughter is the "second voice in my head." If I could learn to tune them out just enough to remember which way I was going to turn my Wally World cart to get to the gardening area I'd be ok!! LOL


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puddle_of_mud(NC - zone 7)

I'm not only annoyed, I'm discussed with myself for having fallen for their ploy! At first, I started clicking on them because I thought each of you had put them there to saw us photos of what it was you were discussing in your messages. Sure, you can put a photo right in the message, but I thought you were sharing your own web site. BOY! Did I get fooled! I'll never click another one, that's for sure! AND, I don't like them MESSING up MY posts!

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jazzbone(7 AL)


The difference is that you are a mother; mothers are much more attuned to what the kids are up to than dads. Besides, kids in WalMart are not a peripheral distraction, that's major annoyance! BIG LOL

As for underlined links inside of messages, I don't think I get any of those. I havn't noticed any.

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buckyforce(10 So. Fla.)

How strange! I looked at my original post this morning to happily find others are as annoyed as I, and discovered that the Forum Masters had added a "link" to the word "y-a-r-d" in my post complaining about them adding links!! Didn't have time to respond then but checked again this evening and the link is mysteriously gone! Yippee!

Maybe the powers-that-be have read about our discontent and decided it wasn't such a great idea. Could it be true? If so - Thank You from all of us!!

I agree with Jazzbone - nothing could keep me from visiting or enjoying you all and your wonderful work and ideas either!

I have a great pop-up-blocker. When I figure out what it is and where it came from I will let you know. It gives you the option of accepting pop-ups at certain sites but blocks all if you wish.

Have to go play in concrete now! Made my first 2-part mother mold (for a silicone caulk mold I made Thanks to Nofu) and can't wait to try it out. It was WAY easier than I had anticipated. Whew!

Let me know if anyone would like instructions. I was so NOT looking forward to making a mother mold and was slightly intimidated by the process - 'til I figured it out. E-Z!


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Just as an experiment, I'm wondering if my y*rd and g*rden are caught too.....

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puddle_of_mud(NC - zone 7)

Just how E-Z was it? You sound like me, not wanting to make one, but still wanting a mother mold.

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buckyforce(10 So. Fla.)

Yikes - links have been posted all through the messages on this post. If we ignore them, do you think they will go away?? The NERVE!

Regarding the mother mold. It was easier than I ever thought it would be. Can't take credit. I read and looked at a tutorial on the net somewhere. They were making a mother with fiberglass. Something I was NOT going to do. Too toxic and messy for me, thanks. But the method works the same for POP.

I am casting my first masterpiece in the mold & mother but I will take pics this weekend and post a tutorial for anyone interested.

Puddle - if you are anxious to make one, email me and I will email instructions to you.

Wonder how many ad links will show up in THIS one! Let's see, shall we? Lawnmower orchid garden lawn poop phone drugs yard gardening


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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

I just changed over from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox (free), and I am no longer getting ANY popups here that I used to get! IT'S WONDERFUL!


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wannadanc(z8 WA)

I get no hot links - but I am a dues paying member - maybe that makes the difference - maybe not - I have IE, Firefox, and Safari as browsers...using Safari right now.....


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myloki(7 Va)

Hmm, I would think that a person who was so quick to criticize a vendor for not financially supporting this forum would already be a paying member.
I have windows XP blocking the pop-ups. After those, I find the hot links to be only mildly annoying.

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Jilly_W(On. 6b)

Sue, thank your post and just downloaded Mozilla Firefox - you are right, it's great.


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gottatufa(z5 ny)

I paid my dues too. worth every penny. You really should think about paying the very small amount they are asking. It helps pay for keeping this forum going and when you become a member, you no longer see all those ads, pop ups and such. We really should all think about supporting our favorite forum, even though they are overly strict with the censuring and not very good with sorting out the bad guys. boooo...GW, but love ya just the same.


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I think GW does an excellent job of weeding out the 'bad guys' and removing politics from the groups.
Gardenweb should be a friendly place for all who want to participate not just a chosen few.:)

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