Pink-flowered thornless blackberry

eskotaMay 15, 2009

I got three thornless blackberry plants as part of a trade here last year, which I was told were probably Apache or Arapaho. I have a row of Apache, but the growth habit and flower color of these is different. Apache being fairly compact and upright with white flowers, and these new ones made 7' horizontal canes (which I tied up to a post) and have large bright pink flowers which fade to pale pink.

From the plant patent info, Arapaho has white flowers.

Can anyone offer a guess as to what variety this might be? Black Satin is one that's supposed to have pink flowers- do any others?


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cmdrzog(6/7 LI NY)

Loch Ness is pink flowered. It is upright growing or arching and can hit 12 ft.

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I looked up Loch Ness, it's not supposed to have [pink flowers.

"Blackberry plant--Loch Ness cultivar Document Type and Number:United States Patent PP06782
Abstract:This cultivar was formed by crossing two unnamed selections bred at the Scottish Crop Research Institute. The new cultivar is noted for its high yield of large, slightly glossy black fruit and its sturdy, erect or semi-erect thornfree stems...

Inventors:Jennings, Derek L. (Dundee, GB6)...

The original plant of the new variety was selected from a family of seedlings resulting from a cross made in 1978 at the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI), Dundee, United Kingdom, between two unnamed blackberry selections of complex parentage, both of which were bred at the SCRI. The pedigree of the LOCH NESS cultivar of the present invention is summarized as follows: ##STR1##

The new cultivar is notable for its large fruit size, hardiness, high yield and earliness of ripening. Its performance has been evaluated at the Scottish Crop Research Institute; the National Fruit Trials at Faversham, England; and in British Columbia, Canada...

Description of Fruiting Laterals, Flowers and Fruit

White flowers and fruits are well presented on flexible fruiting laterals of medium length (typically approximately one foot in length but are influenced by growing conditions). The fruits are blunt-conical in configuration and large. When fully ripe they are a deep black and slightly glossy with little or no downiness. The flavor is typical of blackberries with slight acidity. The season of ripening depends on the environment, but starts relatively early for a blackberry of this type and extends over a long period.

General Description

Fruiting laterals: Usually approximately one foot in length.

Flower: Medium size with white petals."

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cmdrzog(6/7 LI NY)

Be that as it may mine have pink flowers and the laterals will hit 3+ ft if not stopped. I got the plants 15 yrs or so ago from Hartmans and they came w/ PVP tags. A google image search search of blackberry Loch Ness turns up a photo w/ pink flowers. Of course they could have been mislabelled. If it is Loch Ness the berries are excellent ... and black.

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I appreciate your imput, cmdrzog. What I'd really like is a chart of all the thornless blackberries which notes flower color. Admittedly, a minor and not particularly important characteristic. Maybe others here could take notice as their varieties bloom. I'd guess that this is a fairly common older variety.

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