Bareroot Strawberries

fishacuraMay 5, 2012

Just planted my first ever strawberries. Ordered them from Nourse on many of your suggestions. I was expecting plants but these were bareroots. Will they provide fruit this year or will it be a year away? Thanks!!!

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Yes, they can produce strawberrys this year. The question is if they should. If they are June bearing strawberries, the blossoms should be removed to help produce stronger plants for next year. If you leave them on you will get a few strawberries, but could reduce next years crop. I have never grown everbearing strawberry's but I understand you would let them grow berries this year.

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OK...I have some of both. Of course they weren't labeled so I don't know which is which :( so I'll just let them grow.

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Even the everbearing strawberries should have their blossoms removed for a month or so, I think you can let them set fruit after July 1st. My neighbor boy let his tiny strawberries blossom, they set two fruits and dies by the end of summer. They really need some time to establish.

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Not labeled? That's not what I'd expect from Nourse.

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Hi, Fruitmaven is right. Leave the NEXT set of blossom on and you'll have one small crop this year. Remember to fence them in and cover the fence with bird netting, to keep out birds and SQUIRRELS!!!! Use small gauge chicken wire. Rabbits can be a problem too if you have them. Squirrels will eat your berries when they start to get rather large but are still green. More than annoying! Mrs. G

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That might be a problem...We ran out of room so I planted them in an ornamental area of the yard. My wife was already suspect and if I run wire/netting she'd laugh me out of the house. I'll have to suffer with the birds/squirels and see how I make out ;-)

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