Blueberry Dying At Tips - Help!

treehugger101May 30, 2013

Two of my Blueberries have spots on them and the tips are dying where the berries are growing and at new growth points. Does anyone know what this is? Here is the first pic.

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Here is the second pic. You have to really look for the spots because I was focusing on trying to get the dead tips. They seem to be covered in white powder where it is dead. The circles/spots on the leaves are not on my other blueberries. Thanks for your help.

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What I am seeing in the photo is a generally healthy looking blueberry shrub that is covered with fruit that has not yet ripened. It is normal and expected for blueberry shrubs to grow at the tips of the stems, and this growth begins to pick up in March and April, here in Madison. I suppose that woody growth in the tips might slow down when the fruit is developing. I can't say if what you are seeing is normal, or if it is a problem that can be corrected.

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I guess my pics are not good. The woody stem tips are turning black and dying. Where there were some berries at the tips, the berries shrivel up and die. There are still healthy berries on the lower branches but the upper tips are dying. Can you see the round spots on the leaves in the corner? There are many more leaves like that.

Later...It looks like what I have is either Stem Blight or Blueberry Scorch which is a virus. What do I do? Wait until fruit ripens and then destroy the plant?

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry Scorch

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Just cut off the bad tips to green wood then let it grow! Its probably bloosm blight. It wont kill the plant just reduce fruit load. Its brought on from wet cool springs. The plant looks fine, no worries!

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Thanks, Blueboy1977. What about the round circles on the leaves? Virus?

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shazaam(NC 7B)

The spots might be a mild case of Septoria leaf spot, but it's hard to tell for sure from the photos. It certainly doesn't look like anything you need to be concerned about at this point. Overall, your blueberries look very health and vigorous.

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