Mulch for Blueberries

SunwoodFarms(5)May 9, 2014

I put in three blueberry bushes a week ago. I haven't gotten mulch yet. What kind is best?

eta: Straw is NOT an option. I am highly allergic.

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How about conifer bark mulch or wood chips? Brady

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ferroplasm Zone 7b

I prefer pine bark mulch. Retains moisture well and keeps the weeds down. You might also try pine straw if it's available.

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I have mulched blueberry shrubs with shredded maple tree leaves, arbor vitae leaves, and shredded cypress(commercial, bagged). There are a few things that have contra-indication: red maple, black walnut, & beech. Peat moss works as a soil amendment, but not as a mulch.

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I use pine needles exclusively. Mostly White Pine but will use Red Pine in a pinch. At 3" deep, they do a great job of stopping all weeds and retain soil moisture very well. They also do a better job of letting air and moisture past through to the soil than most other mulches.

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Can you get pine needles bagged? I don't recall seeing them at Home Depot, Lowes or Menards, but haven't specifically looked for them either.

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shredded fall leaves, mostly London plain, linden and maples.

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Arborvitae leaves? That's a new one. DH chopped our Siberian cypress last year, leaves are still in a heap on the hillside by the front yard, think that will work? Right now I just have some wood chips around the BB planted in 2012, but could renew.

I'm trying to figure out what to mulch my lettuce bed with - straw is so expensive. Strawberries will need new mulch this year too - just raked all the old wet rotting straw (that was covered with leaves and pine branches for the winter) out.

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