bigger, sweeter strawberries?

eskotaMay 18, 2012

Wonder if anyone here has an opinion or advice on how to grow strawberries that are as good or better than the ones sold at the grocery store?

I've been getting small often sour berries here, from at least 6 different varieties. The everbearers are flowering again.

Meanwhile, one local buffet keeps a bowl of plum-sized very sweet strawberries next to their chocolate fountain. No idea what kind they are or where they get them, but they sure make my results seem pathetic. It's always a gamble at the store whether what you buy will be sweet, sour, or bland and watery.

What variety is your personal favorite, and do you have tips on getting high quality?


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Not much help because I haven't grown many.
Strawberries are really sucking allot of nutrient out of the soil, so replacing is a concern and don't let them dry out.

Strawberries are high maintenance plants and you need to grow new one's every year to have your peak the following season. I gave up growing them, weeding is another problem.

Do you have a local you pick?
Several years back we went to on one, find you get the best tasty strawberries for your money. The owner said, will be the last year, they really deplete the ground nutrients.

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Growing strawberries is an art. They are not easy to grow. The berries you buy in the store are not as good as the ones you can grow at home. My favorite, Albion seascape and tribute. I grow them in stackers all summer up to the first frost. No weeds to deal with. When done for the season I pull them out and replace them with new plants in the spring.

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