Crabapple tree problem

CATomMay 13, 2013

This tree was planted about 5 weeks ago. Initially it seemed very happy and sprouted 3-4" of new growth within a few weeks. Lately some of the leaves have started to die from the end of the leaf and working it's way back. Is not isolated to one branch but spread out. New growth has not died back like I would expect from shock.
I watered it every day for the first several weeks and then tapered back a bit as temps we're not as high. Soil here is mostly clay but I put a fair amount of planting soil in the hole. I don't want to lose this tree, maybe it just needs to work out it's new location, soil type, etc?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It may be too wet. Watering every day in clay soil is probably too much. At most every other day to allow some air back into the soil.

Was it bare root or potted?

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It was potted. When I initially planted it I was watering every day and we had pretty high temps. I know problems like this can be delayed from when the tree is "shocked" but the problems really seemed to start after I tapered off watering. Temps have been much lower the last few weeks.
I thought over-watered trees typically display soft yellow leaves. These become quite crispy after a few days.

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Another pic

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Check the original rootball. Likely it's dry.

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So more water then?

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