pixiebeeMay 20, 2012

Hello folks

I am looking for a plant for my indoor container garden. I live in an eastern-facing apartment in central Tokyo, which means I get about a half day of sun. I realize that all fruiting plants (with few exceptions) prefer full sun, but locally, it is said that fig, quince, pomegranate, persimmon, sour cherry can tolerate some shade. Persimmon being an extremely common supermarket fruit (and having grown up eating way too many of them) is not being considered. Sour cherry is sadly out of stock everywhere.

That leads to the remaining three. Now, I realize that with only a few hours of sun a day, there's a chance that the plant might not fruit at all, but as I need to fill an empty container in the apartment anyway, I'd like to pick the plant that has the highest possibility of giving maybe even one fruit.

So, I'd like to hear what people's experiences are with growing the above fruits in partial shade and would love to hear people's opinions of what they think would work nicely indoors. If there are any recommended cultivars, please let me know.

I know that there's no guarantee for fruit with these levels of sun, but I love plants with potential. :)

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Sun is not the only factor for getting fruit from those plants.

The quince, for example, would not get the chill hours (32-45 degrees)(at least 100 hours, 200-300 is better) in an apartment unless you can lug it out onto a balcony in the winter.

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Thank you for that helpful piece of advice. In my haste to fill the space, I forgot to take chill hours into consideration. There are pomegranate varieties that don't require chill hours as well as a few fig varieties that grow in much warmer areas without much of a winter, so I will search there.

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