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WeimsMay 3, 2013

I have a mini orchard consisting of a Braeburn Apple Tree next to a Stella Cherry Tree which is next to a Conference Pear Tree and on the end is a Victoria Plum. The apple tree has no growth on it at all year, no shoots nothing. I assume its dead. The cherry tree seems to be having the bark from the trunk eaten, it is quite bad damage but the tree is blossoming and seems to be thriving, the other 2 trees seem ok and are blossoming too.I have seen loads of ants on the cherry tree and they are going into the damaged bark. Will they cause any problems for the tree. The trees were 2 yr old when I got them 3 years ago (this is the third season) I've not had much fruit from them (only a couple of cherries from the cherry tree and nothing from any of the others). I feed with blood fish and bone and a slow release fertilizer and water regularly when needed. Will my cherry tree be ok and will I ever get a fruit from them? How long?

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Lynn, are your trees on a spray schedule? Can you go to your local Tree farm or nursery for help? It seems to be practical advice since you live in England. Flora can you chime in on this? Mrs. G

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Hi Mrs G. I don't know what you mean by "spray schedule", they are just in my garden. I bought them as a treat for my 50th Birthday 3 years ago. I water and feed them but that's about it other than prune :) My local garden centre is a general one and doesn't specialise in trees so not sure that they would be able to help.

I am very much a novice when it comes to gardens and even more so when it comes to trees... I bought them from a shopping channel and followed the instructions that came with them.

Sorry I'm useless.... stupid when it comes to gardening :(

Lynn x

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Lynn you are trying and that is great! Since you have the internet available to you. Look up your trees (individually by name) and find out what they need for proper care. Also 'google' diseases for your types of trees, and find the answers to prevention of fruit tree diseases again by variety and start there. Hope this helps a bit, Mrs. G

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If something is eating the bark of your tree, you have to find out what it is and stop it.

If animal, you can put hardware cloth around the tree to protect it. If insect, you might be able to stop it with a spray or drench, depending on the sort of insect.

Ants are a bad sign, not a problem in themselves. Ants go after wood that's already dead.

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The stella is self fruitful, but the others without checking need a different variety near by for cross pollination I think. (to make fruit) Are there any apple trees, pear trees or plum trees within a block or so of your house?

You could by some tangle foot to paint around the trunk of your cherry tree to take care of the ants. Is the bark actually eaten or split on the southwest side of the tree?

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the ants are not a problem themselves, but anytime you see them on a tree they are going to an existing tree injury, borer hole or etc.. Sounds like the cherry was chewed by a rabbit or something? As long as it is not all the way around the tree it can pull through. I have seen photos of grafting branches clipped from the same tree to patch it where beavers chewed it. If chewed all the way around you could try that.

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Hi and thanks for your replies. Thanks Mrs G I will get googling. ltitlton I don't know what could be eating the tree, it cannot be rabbits as we are completely enclosed with the far side being a 20ft wall and the rest being 5ft fencing with concrete blocks at the bottom so no animals could get in even under the fences. Bruce2288 I bought the trees understanding that they were all self pollinating, but I have just bought some more this week so there will be others around to help pollinate if needed. The bark I am not sure if its eaten or split, it kind of looks eaten but its more on the eastern side. cckw its not all the way round but its probably half the trunk, as they are young trees (only 5 years old) they don't have a thick trunk, so it possibly looks worse than it is...

Could I put some gardening tape around the damage to help it heal or is it better left open and possibly sprayed with insecticide?

Maybe I'll try and take a photo tomorrow and post it for you to see :)

Thanks again to you all for your helpful suggestions

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