Natchez Blackberry Wilting and Sad

Buckeye85May 11, 2013

I posted on the container forum, but it was recommended that I might get better information here.

I have a Natchez blackberry that was a sad stick last summer when I bought it, but it has turned into a sprawling, vital monster and made three babies, too. I up-potted it into a 20 gallon smart pot from its previous 3 gallon plastic pot (both were Al's 5-1-1) and trellised it.

Less than 24 hours after this, it's incredibly droopy and wilty looking, and this has not improved in the last couple of days. I did notice belatedly that the spot I built the trellis in is not as sunny as I'd like, but my husband suggested it's because the plant is not used to having to get water/nutrients "up" rather than "across."

I have no idea because I am not used to berry/trellised plants at all. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Transplant shock is what it sounds like. Make sure you keep it watered well and wait for the shock to subside.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

You transplant only when dormant when first go dormant best time in ground better blackberry plants are heavy feeder in pot heavy feeder plants don't grow as good not ample root contact.
A floricane plant impossible to transplant they die after fruit harvest that we see it starts before we see signs.

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How long does shock usually take to dissipate? It's still pretty pathetic looking, unfortunately. I knew it was a bad idea...if it croaks, I still have three gigantic babies, at least, that can be transplanted when it gets cold again.

It was growing really well in its pot - 5-1-1; it's huge and has thick, leafy canes...unfortunately I have no way of planting it in ground since we're apartment dwellers.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Shock is just one of those take two plants and move never wilts and takes off and the other just never know. All you can do is keep it moist and shade might help.

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